How to Make Homemade Peppermint Moonshine: A Delicious and Refreshing Holiday Recipe


Are you looking for a fun and festive drink to enjoy during the holiday season? Look no further than homemade peppermint moonshine! This sweet and minty concoction is sure to be a hit at your next holiday gathering. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of making your own peppermint moonshine right at home. Let’s get started!

The Ingredients You’ll Need

Before diving into the recipe, let’s gather all the ingredients you’ll need:

  1. 1 bottle of neutral grain spirits (such as everclear or vodka)
  2. 1 cup of granulated sugar
  3. 1 cup of water
  4. 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract
  5. 5 candy canes, crushed
  6. Airtight glass jars for storing
    1. Step-by-Step Instructions

      Now that you have all the ingredients, let’s go through the step-by-step instructions to make your own peppermint moonshine:

      Step 1: Prepare the Moonshine Base

      In a large pot, combine the sugar and water over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves completely. Once dissolved, remove the pot from the heat and let the mixture cool to room temperature.

      Step 2: Add the Peppermint Flavor

      Once the sugar syrup has cooled, stir in the peppermint extract. Be sure to choose a high-quality extract for a robust and authentic peppermint flavor.

      Step 3: Mix in the Alcohol

      Gently pour the bottle of neutral grain spirits into the cooled sugar syrup mixture, stirring well to combine. Make sure to use caution as you handle the high-proof alcohol, as it is highly flammable.

      Step 4: Let it Infuse

      Transfer the mixture to airtight glass jars, leaving some room at the top for expansion. Sprinkle the crushed candy canes into the jars, ensuring they are evenly distributed. Seal the jars tightly and store them in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks to allow the flavors to meld together.

      Step 5: Shake and Serve!

      After the two-week waiting period is over, give your peppermint moonshine a good shake to ensure the candy canes are well incorporated. Pour the moonshine into festive shot glasses or mason jars and garnish with a small candy cane for an extra touch of holiday cheer.


      1. Can I use a different type of alcohol?

      While neutral grain spirits are the traditional choice for moonshine, you can experiment with different alcohols such as vodka or even rum. Keep in mind that this may alter the overall taste and potency of your peppermint moonshine.

      2. How long will the peppermint moonshine last?

      When stored in a cool, dark place, homemade peppermint moonshine can last for up to a year. However, for the freshest and most vibrant flavors, we recommend consuming it within six months.

      3. Can I adjust the sweetness of the moonshine?

      Absolutely! If you prefer a sweeter moonshine, you can increase the amount of sugar in the recipe. Likewise, if you prefer a drier and less sweet taste, you can reduce the amount of sugar used.

      Key Takeaways

      • Peppermint moonshine is a delicious and refreshing holiday drink.
      • You will need neutral grain spirits, sugar, water, peppermint extract, and crushed candy canes to make homemade peppermint moonshine.
      • Follow the step-by-step instructions to mix the ingredients, let the moonshine infuse, and finally, shake and serve!
      • Store your peppermint moonshine in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks before enjoying.
      • Add a personal touch by garnishing your peppermint moonshine glasses with small candy canes.

      Now that you have the recipe for homemade peppermint moonshine, it’s time to gather your ingredients and start brewing. Get ready to impress your friends and family with this delightful holiday treat. Cheers to a festive and memorable celebration!


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