Peach Mead Recipe: A Refreshing Summer Drink


Looking for a delicious and unique drink to cool down on a hot summer day? Why not try making your own peach mead? Mead, also known as honey wine, has a long history and is enjoying a revival in recent years. With its sweet and fruity flavors, peach mead is an excellent choice for both seasoned mead makers and beginners.

What is Mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with water. It is believed to be one of the oldest fermented drinks in the world, with a history dating back thousands of years. Traditionally, mead was made by combining honey, water, and yeast and then allowing the mixture to ferment. Various fruits, herbs, and spices can also be added to create unique flavors.

Getting Started: Ingredients

To make your own peach mead, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 pounds of ripe peaches
  • 3 pounds of honey (preferably peach blossom honey)
  • 1 package of wine yeast
  • Water
  • 1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient
  • 1 teaspoon of pectic enzyme (optional, for clarity)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Prepare the Peaches

Wash the peaches thoroughly and remove the pits. Cut the peaches into small pieces and place them in a large fermentation vessel.

2. Add Honey and Water

Add the honey and enough water to cover the peaches in the fermentation vessel. The ratio of honey to water should be around one pound of honey for every one gallon of water. Stir well to dissolve the honey.

3. Pitch the Yeast

Sprinkle the wine yeast on top of the peach and honey mixture. Stir gently to ensure the yeast is evenly distributed.

4. Add Nutrients

Add the yeast nutrient and pectic enzyme (if using). This will help provide essential nutrients for the yeast and improve the clarity of the mead.

5. Fermentation

Cover the fermentation vessel with an airlock or a clean cloth secured with a rubber band. Place the vessel in a cool, dark place and let it ferment for about 3-4 weeks. During this time, the yeast will consume the sugar in the honey and convert it into alcohol.

6. Rack the Mead

After the initial fermentation is complete, siphon the mead into a clean secondary vessel, leaving behind any sediment at the bottom. This process, known as racking, helps clarify the mead.

7. Aging

Allow the mead to age in the secondary vessel for at least 6 months. This will allow the flavors to mellow and develop, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable drink.


Q: Can I use frozen peaches?

A: Yes, you can use frozen peaches if fresh peaches are not available. Just thaw them before adding them to the fermentation vessel.

Q: How long does mead take to ferment?

A: The fermentation process usually takes around 3-4 weeks, but it can vary depending on various factors such as yeast strain and temperature.

Q: Can I substitute the peach blossom honey?

A: While peach blossom honey adds a unique flavor, you can use any high-quality honey for your mead. Experiment with different types to find your preferred taste.

Key Takeaways

  • Peach mead is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for the summer.
  • Mead is made by fermenting honey with water, and various fruits, herbs, and spices can be added for different flavors.
  • To make peach mead, you will need ripe peaches, honey, wine yeast, water, and optional nutrients for clarity.
  • The fermentation process takes around 3-4 weeks, and the mead should age for at least 6 months before consuming.


Creating your own peach mead is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. By following these simple steps, you can make a delicious and unique beverage that is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day. Remember to be patient and allow your mead to age properly for the best flavor. Cheers!


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